Purpose built facilities to safely handle wellhead/frac equipment

Cactus Wellhead facilities are strategically located in all the major shale basins across the United States. At these stocking points, our experienced associates assemble and test the equipment for the specific well requirement. Each wellhead assembly and frac rental item is specifically designed, manufactured, assembled and completely tested to API and Cactus specifications before being deployed to the wellsite. Each of our branch locations are staffed with dedicated quality assurance personnel to supervise the assembly and testing of all equipment prior to shipment. Cactus also provides an asset management program to inventory and repair customer surplus equipment. Equipment is identified, tracked with performance history and completely refurbished as needed for future use.


  • Responsive and flexible
  • Facility managers have longevity in the industry
  • Safety in our shops and in the field is paramount at Cactus
  • Small company agility… Large company capability

Our detailed pre-job and running procedures assure the best results in the field. Our technicians understand the local basins and operating conditions so they can safely and efficiently install Cactus equipment, saving rig time while protecting field personnel and the environment. Their expertise assures proper installation, operation and maintenance throughout the drilling, fracking and flowback phases of a well.

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