Cactus Announces First Quarter 2024 Results

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May 2, 2024, 9AM Central

Company Profile

Cactus Wellhead Company Profile

We design, manufacture, sell and rent a range of highly-engineered wellheads and pressure control equipment. Our products are sold and rented principally for onshore unconventional oil and gas wells and are utilized during the drilling, completion (including fracturing) and production phases of our customers’ wells.

Our principal products include our Cactus SafeDrill™ wellhead systems, frac stacks, zipper manifolds and production trees that we design and manufacture. Every oil and gas well requires a wellhead, which is installed at the onset of the drilling process and which remains with the well through its entire productive life. The Cactus SafeDrill™ wellhead systems employ technology traditionally associated with deepwater applications, which allows technicians to land and secure casing strings safely from the rig floor without the need to descend into the well cellar. We believe we are a market leader in the onshore application of such technology, with thousands of our products sold and installed across the United States since 2011.

During the completion phase of a well, we rent frac stacks, zipper manifolds and other high-pressure equipment that are used for well control and for managing the transmission of frac fluids and proppants during the hydraulic fracturing process. These severe service applications require robust and reliable equipment. For the subsequent production phase of a well, we sell production trees that regulate hydrocarbon production, which are installed on the wellhead after the frac tree has been removed. In addition, we provide mission-critical field services for all of our products and rental items, including 24-hour service crews to assist with the installation, maintenance and safe handling of the wellhead and pressure control equipment. Finally, we provide repair services for all of the equipment that we sell or rent.



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