Cactus Announces First Quarter 2024 Results

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May 2, 2024, 9AM Central


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Cactus Wellhead LLC

711 84th St E

Williston, ND 58801



Oil Field Equipment Supplier Creating Innovative Wellhead Technologies

Cactus Wellhead is an innovator and manufacturer of industry-leading oil field equipment. We design and manufacture a comprehensive array of wellhead products, including surface wellhead systems and flow control technology for both onshore and offshore. Our products are designed to improve drilling safety and efficiency, in addition to well production.


Wellhead Systems Provider with National Presence

Cactus Wellhead engineers and manufactures an extensive line of wellhead products, some of them including:

  • Multi-bowl, drill-through wellhead systems
  • Casing and tubing heads, hangers, spools and adapters
  • API 6A wellhead equipment
  • Frac and gate valves
  • Chokes
  • Goatheads
  • Tees, crosses and fittings
  • Test plugs
  • Seals
  • Wear bushings

Cactus Wellhead’s flagship product is our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems, which consist of a full line of single piece, multi-bowl systems. Every SafeDrill™ System is made with lock ring technology and is designed to enhance safety, efficiency, speed and productivity. The SafeDrill™ is also built with a compact design that encourages safer equipment handling while drilling is ongoing. Further, SafeDrill™ can be installed through risers, and during pad drilling operations, they can be used with offline cementing.


Industrial Equipment Supplier with Leading Technologies for Fracking Operations

Cactus is among the most respected wellhead suppliers and support service providers. Our service facilities are located at every major U.S. shale basin, and from these facilities Cactus can provide a full range of fracking equipment, for purchase or for rental. Our expert service crews can assist with equipment selection and maintenance.


Williston Based Frac Equipment Provider

Cactus can provide every piece of iron needed to efficiently and safely run a fracking operation. Our products are designed specifically for the challenging multistage nature of modern frac operations, which means they achieve greater uptime and cost less to maintain and repair. It’s one more example of Cactus Wellhead’s position as an industry innovator.

Some of the frac equipment that Cactus provides includes:

  • Frac valves
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Goatheads
  • Frac stack
  • Frac seats
  • Frac tree
  • Frac heads

Cactus’ frac valves are designed with several features. For example, each valve comes with an enhanced gate design, which keeps sand collection at a minimum during operations. They are also built with a dual seat seal design and dual body flush ports. Finally, Cactus’ frac valves use a ball screw, low-torque mode of operation and come with redundant stem packing.

Our zipper manifolds are also a point of pride, as they can be configured in one of many arrangements, allowing for maximum space flexibility.


Energy Equipment and Solutions – Service Facilities Located Throughout America

Cactus Wellhead prioritizes service responsiveness and accessibility, which is why our facilities are strategically located throughout the United States. Every service location is staffed by expert quality assurance and technical personnel. Our support team is ready to assist with your wellhead and fracking needs, including equipment rental, maintenance, assembly and testing.


Wellhead and Fracking Support and Service in Williston

Cactus Wellhead’s service personnel are experienced and knowledgeable regarding local operating conditions, allowing our service teams to react faster to the client’s needs. In this way, Cactus offers an unbeatable combination of large company capabilities and small company agility. How does this benefit our clients? Cactus ensures:

  • Faster, more efficient equipment maintenance and repair
  • Extensive product testing and quality assurance processes, which enhance safety
  • Valuable insight into matching products to local operating conditions
  • Rapid, safe product installation

In addition to our laudable service teams, Cactus also maintains a detailed asset management system, which means we can track a client’s surplus equipment, inventorying, and repairing equipment when necessary. Each piece of equipment is tracked with its performance history, so client equipment is repaired and maintained on schedule, and in a way that ensures it is ready for the field next time it is needed. Again, because Cactus service personnel are intimately familiar with the basins they work in, our teams can prioritize maintenance and ensure equipment is ready for the task at hand.  


Oilfield Equipment from a Manufacturer That Delivers Excellence

Cactus Wellhead takes great pride in our manufacturing, which necessitate extensive quality management systems. Our quality assurance systems are Q1/ISO 9001:2015 and API Spec 6A compliant, and these systems impact every manufacturing decision at our facilities. This commitment to quality is backed by the best installation personnel and branch operations in the business.


Top Quality Frac, Wellhead and Pressure Control Technology

Cactus’ leadership has decades of experience designing and manufacturing wellhead equipment for a variety of roles and settings. This experience comes through clearly with our manufacturing capabilities and precision. This is what Cactus offers our clients:

  • Rapid response to a client’s changing or specialized requirements
  • Adherence to API 6A product standards
  • Manufacturing facilities adhere to Q1/ISO 9001 regulations
  • An onsite inventory of raw material, ready for use
  • Tight coordination between operations and engineering crews
  • Operation of some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry, allowing for impressive throughput rates
  • Ownership of our own supply chain, allowing for larger scale productions
  • Product tracking, monitoring and tracing

In addition to the above, Cactus offers full-scale inspections and testing on all of our products. Our facilities are managed by experienced machinists who are extensively trained on setting up, programming and operating manufacturing equipment. Machinist expertise is something Cactus prioritizes because it ensures better manufacturing reliability, accuracy and delivery speed.

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