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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Developing Safe and Reliable Wellsite Products

Cactus’ mission is to provide unmatched quality, safety and reliability to our clients, and we do this with industry-leading products. Our wellhead systems and fracking iron are developed to precise standards, and the results are products that are in use around the country.

Wellhead Products that Bring Better Safety and Efficiency in Reynoldsville, PA

Cactus maintains a deep product catalogue, with solutions for every need. It starts with our wellhead systems, headlined by the SafeDrill™, our flagship product offering. Our products leverage the latest innovations in the industry and are built with a single-minded focus on quality. It’s this commitment to product excellence that allows Cactus to deliver targeted solutions to all of our clients.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • The SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, which is built with a single piece, multi-bowl design
  • Conventional wellhead equipment engineered to API Spec 6A standards
  • Tubing and casing heads
  • Frac valves
  • Gate valves
  • Goatheads
  • Chokes and secondary seals
  • Tees and crosses

Cactus’ frac valves are the pinnacle of the technology, with several features that enhance productivity and minimize downtime. For instance, our frac valves are built with a superior gate design that prevents sand build-up while fracking is ongoing. Also, Cactus frac valves come with dual body flush ports, a dual seat seal design and redundant stem packing.

Industrial Equipment Supplier Offering Frac Components Needed for Your Operations

Fracking is hard on iron, but that doesn’t mean you need to take it easy on the equipment. Cactus has frac component replacements when a valve, head or other component sustains too much wear. Our frac components are available for purchase or for rent, and can be delivered in rapid fashion, so you wells are never quiet for long.

Rental Options for Your Frac Equipment Needs

Oil and gas companies should always have a Plan B when operating frac wells, as it’s only a matter of time before something needs to be replaced. In this instance, Cactus should be that Plan B as we have a deep pool of frac components to choose from. All of our frac technology is maintained to rigorous guidelines and are monitored using our Fracwatch system, which allows for advanced monitoring and maintenance procedures.

This is a small sampling of the frac equipment Cactus offers:

  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac valves
  • Goatheads
  • Frac stacks
  • Frac heads
  • Frac seats

The above, again, is only a small sampling. Cactus also offers a healthy selection of ancillary fracking equipment, such as hydraulic closing units and automated torque wrenches. Cactus can also provide a fleet of crane trucks when our clients need to get a lot of equipment to the wellsite. Each truck can handle up to 26,400 pounds of iron, so we’ve got a convoy of workhorses when needed.

Energy Equipment and Solutions Serviced by Teams with Experience and Dedication

Responsive, smart support is essential to keeping your operations going, and that’s why Cactus makes prompt service a critical part of our mission. Cactus’ support facilities are found all over the U.S., located close to every major shale basin. There’s never a need to travel far when support is needed, and it’s often needed.

Committed to Best in the Business Service

Cactus strives to provide unmatched quality of service, much like we strive to offer products of unmatched quality. But Cactus can provide service quantity, as well. All of our facilities are responsible for maintaining, assembling, inspecting, testing and installing a variety of equipment, and our efficient service teams ensure we can do all of that without sacrificing service accuracy or consistency.

How, exactly, can Cactus Wellhead guarantee this level of support?

  • We observe both ISO 9001 and API Spec 6A standards at all of our facilities, ensuring that facility oversight includes the most stringent quality management available
  • We have fully documented all of our service procedures so that every service request is handled in an organized, prompt fashion
  • We test every component before it is utilized in the field
  • We audit our facilities regularly and randomly to identify potential areas of improvement
  • We offer full product traceability
  • We provide customer satisfaction surveys after every project and ensure complete supplier process validation with qualifications and required samples

Support is part of our mission, as is uncompromising quality and reliability.

Oilfield Equipment Manufactured with Advanced Methods

We build all of our wellhead and fracking components in-house, and we do it with the most impressive manufacturing core in the industry. Our facilities are geared for optimal quality assurance, and we’ve organized our manufacturing centers so that we can scale production up or down as needed. Cactus is the most flexible manufacturer in the field.

Quality Components Made in Quality-focused Facilities

Cactus’ manufacturing is another area of focus and another reason why we have the strong reputation we do. Just as we have exhaustive processes in place for product design, engineering and maintenance, Cactus has organized its manufacturing processes for maximum quality and efficiency. This allows us to deliver products at speeds others can’t match, with accuracy that others can’t match either.

What does Cactus manufacturing do that makes all the difference?

  • Advanced manufacturing facilities with 5-axis machining capabilities in facilities that are the most advanced in the industry and staffed with experienced machinists
  • Full dimensional inspections for all produced components
  • A supporting high volume manufacturing facility that allows for faster production of some of our standardized components
  • All facilities are managed using Q1/ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • Supply chain ownership and a deep raw material stockpile for productivity flexibility
  • Quick product delivery, allowing for just-in-time ordering
  • Strong communication between health and safety, quality assurance and engineering teams

Cactus manufacturing is the zenith of what the industry is capable of, and it’s something our clients can leverage for improving their own operations.

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