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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Delivering Pressure Control Components for Texas Energy Companies

Cactus has built a strong reputation for many reasons, but undoubtedly one of the most compelling is our product quality. Our wellhead and fracking components are designed, engineered and manufactured according to our own demanding standards, and for that reason, they are in use in production operations all over the country.

Wellhead Components in Pleasanton, TX that Lead the Industry

Cactus’ products carry our name, so we build every piece of iron to last. We do that with uncompromising quality standards and a single-minded focus on optimizing product efficiency, longevity and safe usage. We offer a full line of wellhead and fracking components, built for every oil and gas production setting.

Some of those components and technologies include:

  • The SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, a multi-bowl, single piece system. The SafeDrill™ is Cactus’ finest example of product innovation and is our flagship product.
  • Frac valves and gate valves
  • Standard, API Spec 6A wellhead systems
  • Casing heads and tubing heads
  • Chokes
  • Tees and crosses
  • Secondary seals
  • Goatheads

The SafeDrill™ is ideal for safer, time-efficient operations. The SafeDrill™ is designed with numerous features that promote safety, including a quick disconnect feature for quick BOP nipple up and down, a rotatable mandrel casing hanger for better back pressure management, and a lock ring design that gets rid of external lock screws.

Industrial Equipment Supplier Providing Frac Components for Purchase or Rental

Fracking is inherently a rough, punishing process, and oil and gas operations are constantly affected by components wearing out. That’s why Cactus builds and maintains a comprehensive array of frac components, available for rental or for purchase. When things at the production site are slowed down by failing frac components, Cactus has the solution.

Fracking Equipment to Keep Your Operations Going

Fracking equipment is under constant stress during operation, and operations rarely stop. You’ll need a backup plan in case a valve or head fails unexpectedly. That backup plan should include Cactus, because we provide a full line of fracking components and technologies. Frac rentals are available immediately, and if necessary, we can get the equipment to your site in rapid fashion.

We design and build our own frac components, which include:

  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac valves
  • Frac heads
  • Frac seats
  • Frac stacks
  • Goatheads

Because fracking equipment is constantly put to the test, it requires frequent maintenance and tight monitoring to ensure components are ready for the field. Cactus ensures this through our Fracwatch system. Fracwatch is an advanced means of organizing and monitoring frac components, so every component receives maintenance or repair as soon as it is needed. That means our clients get the components they request as soon as they are needed.

Energy Equipment and Solutions from Technicians Providing Expert Service and Support

Support is not just nice to have, it is critical for ensuring your well’s continued production and safe operation. Cactus’ branch facilities, located in Texas and around the U.S., are hubs for some of the best service teams the industry can put forward. Each facility can provide full testing, assembly, component maintenance and replacement services.

Industry Best Support Teams for Superior Service and Safety

Industry-leading product design and manufacturing are points of pride for Cactus, but it’s our people that keep those products humming along. Our expert service teams are staffed at all of our branch facilities, each one located in close proximity to a major U.S. shale basin. This local presence allows our teams to configure and test your equipment for the conditions it is likely to face in the field.

Cactus invests heavily in its branch facilities. As such, we can provide an impressive level of support. For example, some our services includes:

  • Conforming to all Q1/ISO 9001:2015 and API Spec 6A standards, which ensure optimal product quality
  • Insight into local working conditions at every branch facility, so your teams know exactly what to expect
  • Comprehensive, full dimension testing of all components that pass through our facilities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and ratings made available after every completed project
  • Strong communication between internal teams, including health and safety teams and quality assurance teams
  • Extremely detailed maintenance and monitoring systems for maximum efficiency

It takes full commitment to service and support to keep wellsite operations going. Cactus provides that commitment.

Oilfield Equipment for the Most Challenging Work Conditions

Precise, safe, efficient manufacturing is one of the many things that Cactus Wellhead does, and we do it with the most advanced facilities in the industry. Cactus manufacturing combines advanced technology with advanced expertise, so our manufacturing centers can provide capabilities that most others can’t match.

Unmatched Quality and Precision with our Advanced Manufacturing Processes

You don’t get industry-leading products without industry-leading manufacturing processes, and Cactus has invested in those as well. We manufacture all of our own wellhead and fracking components, and each one must meet our standards for reliability, durability and safety. How can Cactus guarantee that all of its products tick those boxes? With the following:

  • Rapid response to any client’s changing or specialized requirements, without affecting typical production
  • Five-axis machining capabilities, allowing for intricately-designed and precisely-built components
  • A high volume manufacturing facility that supports our other facilities. Our high volume facility is designed for maximum output while maintaining maximum quality
  • Adherence to Q1/ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards
  • Full dimensional testing of all manufactured equipment
  • Supply chain ownership, so production is never disrupted
  • A deep raw material stockpile that is ready for immediate use
  • Facilities audited, randomly and on a schedule, for continued improvement

Cactus doesn’t compromise with its product design and support services, and it doesn’t compromise with manufacturing, either. It’s another reason why our clients rely on Cactus Wellhead for their fracking solutions.

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