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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Supporting Safe Production Operations

Cactus Wellhead has positioned itself as an industry leader, in part because we design and manufacture some of the highest-quality wellhead and fracking equipment available. Every one of our products is subjected to some of the most exacting quality assurance and management standards in the industry.

Wellhead Technology that Offers Superior Efficiency, Safety

Product design, engineering, development and manufacturing remains at the core of Cactus Wellhead’s mission. Our products are designed and built to deliver the kind of innovation and reliability that our clients have come to expect. Cactus manages this because we make quality assurance priority one throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

Here are several examples of what Cactus can provide to our oil and gas clients:

  • Our SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, a Cactus proprietary product that is built with a multi-bowl, single piece construction
  • Conventional wellhead systems that adhere to API Spec 6A guidelines
  • Frac valves
  • Chokes
  • Secondary seals
  • Tubing heads
  • Casing heads
  • Crosses
  • Tees
  • Goatheads

Although we take great pride in our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems, our conventional wellhead systems are also worth considering. Our wellhead products are capable of handling temperatures ranging from -75 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and are also equipped to manage the extreme pressures often found downhole.

Industrial Equipment Supplier with Deep Inventory of Rental Frac Components

If there’s one industry where component failure is a part of the job, it’s the fracking industry. Fracking equipment receives some incredible punishment, but with Cactus in your corner, there’s always a replacement component available should it be needed. Our frac rentals are maintained using the same exacting standards we apply to all of our other equipment offerings.

Frac Equipment Replacement for Minimal Downtime

Fracking may be hard on your iron, but failure still isn’t an option. Lose a frac valve or head at a bad time, and the resulting loss of productivity can be crippling. Cactus works hard to ensure our clients never have to go without, as we build, maintain and inventory an extensive line of frac components and iron. No matter what your team needs, Cactus has it.

That also means the kind of components that are subjected to the most wear, such as:

  • Frac valves
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac heads
  • Frac seats
  • Goatheads
  • Frac stacks

Cactus’ zipper manifolds are designed and built to minimize the footprint at any well. Each manifold is skid-mounted and can be designed to fit a location’s space requirements. Further, our zipper manifolds can be set up for easy flow manipulation and for minimal erosion. Finally, Cactus’ zipper manifolds are assembled and tested at our branch facilities, including a facility close to your wellsite. This keeps installation and setup time to a minimum.

Energy Equipment and Solutions from an Expert Support Staff

Cactus Wellhead’s support teams and facilities offer another advantage to our clients. Not only are our facilities located conveniently, they are equipped to handle all of your component maintenance, assembly, replacement and testing needs. And Cactus provides this level of support while ensuring top quality and efficiency standards.

Advanced Support Facilities for Odessa Frac Operations

Cactus’ approach to support is similar to our approach to product design and manufacturing. In short, it’s our mission to provide industry-leading support services because that’s what our clients expect. Our support teams are the best in the business and are positioned close to every major U.S. basin, so your team will never have to travel far to take advantage of our expertise.

What does a strong investment in client support look like? It looks like this:

  • Full dimensional testing of all serviced components before they go back out into the field
  • Comprehensively-documented procedures for prompt maintenance, assembly and inventorying
  • Observance of ISO 9001 and API Spec 6A regulations for unmatched quality assurance
  • Support during every stage of the extraction process
  • Supplier process validation, with required qualifications and samples
  • Complete product traceability and tracking
  • Client property comes with detailed reports, for both refurbished and new equipment

Cactus’ support is second to none, and it’s available in Texas and beyond.

Oilfield Technology Made with Uncompromising Quality Standards

Manufacturing is another reason why Cactus has built a leading reputation in the industry. Our manufacturing standards are tough, as every product must meet and exceed the most stringent quality assurance measures devised. And we consistently hit those marks because our manufacturing is handled at extremely advanced, efficient facilities.

Accurate, Efficient Manufacturing for an Industry that Never Stops

Cactus manufacturing, like all of our processes, emphasizes quality every step of the way. Our manufacturing facilities are the most advanced in the industry and are operated by the most skilled machinists in the industry. As a result, our manufacturing capabilities are unmatched and set the pace for the rest of the field.

But what, exactly, does Cactus Wellhead do to back this up?

  • Operating facilities with five-axis machining capabilities, which gives Cactus unparalleled control over how products are made
  • High-volume facility that supports the rest of our manufacturing operations, enabling fast, accurate, quality production
  • All facilities comply with Q1/ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards
  • Complete supply chain ownership and a raw material stockpile that allows Cactus to scale up production quickly
  • Random and scheduled audits to target additional areas of improvement
  • Extremely quick delivery times, including just-in-time ordering turnaround
  • Comprehensive dimensional testing of all manufactured components

Cactus prioritizes quality in everything we do, and our manufacturing processes follow this approach. This is of great benefit to our clients, who put their faith in our ability to provide reliable and safe solutions in the field.

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