Cactus Announces First Quarter 2024 Results

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May 2, 2024, 9AM Central

New Waverly

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Oil Field Equipment Supplier with a Strong Presence in New Waverly

Cactus wears many hats in the oil and gas extraction industry, but our product design, engineering and manufacturing is what we’re most known for. Our wellhead and fracking components are built to precise standards and utilize the most advanced technologies available to manufacturers in the industry.

Wellhead Technology for Better Performance, Better Safety

Cactus’ wellhead systems, and particularly our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems, are respected throughout the industry, and for good reason. We design and engineer every product to meet the challenging demands that come with oil and gas extraction, but we go a step further. We also develop and maintain our products so that they match precisely to each U.S. shale basin, as our teams operate in close proximity to each one.

It starts with our products, some of which include:

  • Cactus’ SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, which is our most innovative product offering. The SafeDrill™ is a single piece, multi-bowl piece of iron
  • Frac valves and gate valves
  • Standard wellhead systems, which adhere to API Spec 6A regulations
  • Goatheads
  • Casing and tubing heads
  • Seals and chokes
  • Tees
  • Crosses

We’re proud of the SafeDrill™, but our conventional wellhead systems are worth paying attention to as well. We offer a full line of conventional wellhead products, including casing heads, tubing heads, tubing hangers, tubing head adapters, wear bushings and casing spools, among other components.

Industrial Equipment Supplier with Fracking Components for Rent or Purchase

Few environments are as challenging as the fracking environment, and so you’ll need a trusted partner in case things go awry in the field. That’s where Cactus Wellhead comes in, with a deep reservoir of fracking components and systems, available at each of our branch facilities.

Reliable, Accessible Frac Services and Component Rentals

Components are going to eventually wear down, but that doesn’t mean downtime is inevitable. Cactus regularly provides its clients with a variety of frac components to ensure their operations don’t have to come to a halt. Our frac component stockpiles are located at our support facilities, located all over the U.S., and are maintained to the same strict standards that we use in manufacturing and repairing our proprietary products.

Some of the frac rental options we have on hand include:

  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac valves
  • Frac heads
  • Frac seats
  • Frac stacks
  • Goatheads

Cactus Wellhead’s frac valves are built with numerous features that ensure added reliability and durability during multistage fracking operations. For instance, our frac valves are built with an enhanced gate design that resists sand buildup during operation. Also, Cactus frac valves are built with a dual seat seal design, dual body flush ports, redundant stem packing and a ball screw operation that allows for lower torque.

Energy Equipment and Solutions – Best in the Business Support Teams and Facilities

Cactus stakes its reputation on its people, which is why we only let the most skilled, driven and most efficient people staff our branch facilities. With the most talented technicians and quality management people in the field, Cactus can deliver maintenance, repair, replacement, assembly and testing services at record speed.

Fracking Support with Service Teams Focused on Support and Efficiency

Most of what Cactus offers can be done through one of our branch facilities. At each facility, our support teams test, assemble, maintain, repair, inventory, monitor and stockpile all manner of wellhead and fracking technology. No matter your component or technology needs, Cactus’ branch facilities can function like a one-stop spot.

What makes our facilities a single-stop staging spot for your oil and gas operations? It’s the unmatched level of support we offer, which includes:

  • Extensive testing of every component that passes through our facility doors
  • Flexible, responsive service that can respond to a client’s changing needs
  • Some of the most experienced facility managers in the industry
  • Large company capabilities, but small company agility
  • Adherence to ISO 900a and API Spec 6A guidelines for quality management, including fully-documented protocols for quality assurance
  • Established communication procedures for both internal and external communications
  • Detailed reports available for refurbished and new equipment

As soon as you step into one of our branch facilities, the Cactus difference is immediately apparent.

Oilfield Equipment Manufactured with Precision

Manufacturing is part of Cactus’ core, and we’ve invested heavily into creating the most advanced and efficient facilities the industry has seen. It’s not just about the technology, either, because our facilities are staffed by skilled machinists and experienced facility managers. The result is a product that meets the most rigorous quality standards.

Advanced, Accurate, Safe Manufacturing for Oilfield Applications

Cactus’ manufacturing core is one of the most impressive in the business, and it starts with our advanced facilities. Here, we develop a full range of wellhead and frac components and systems, including our proprietary SafeDrill™ systems. Like all of Cactus’ processes, our manufacturing observes the most demanding quality standards, and we challenge ourselves to do even better. It’s just one more reason why Cactus has the strong reputation it does.

What makes Cactus manufacturing worth considering?

  • Full dimensional inspections on all of our manufactured products
  • Sophisticated 5-axis machining technology, handled by skilled, experienced machinists
  • Adherence to all Q1/ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, ensuring top quality
  • Frequent auditing to ensure continued improvement. Audits are delivered randomly and on a schedule
  • A high volume manufacturing facility that can produce API 6A wellhead systems and components
  • An extensive raw material inventory and supply chain ownership that allows us to scale up production with ease
  • Extremely fast delivery response
  • Superior communication between all manufacturing, quality assurance and management teams

Manufacturing is another area where Cactus Wellhead sets the pace, and we’re committed to making it as safe, efficient and accurate as possible

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