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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Serving West Texas Wellsites

Cactus Wellhead’s products are the first and best example of what Cactus can do for oil and gas extraction operations. Our products are designed, engineered and built using the most rigorous industry standards available. It’s only one reason we have built up the excellent reputation we have.

Wellhead Innovations Delivering Safety and Reliability in Midland, TX

Cactus engineers and manufactures an impressive range of wellhead systems and frac components. We aren’t content to use derivative designs, either, as we design and engineer everything in-house. The result is a product that exceeds all industry quality standards while providing useful innovations at the wellsite. This approach is something we bring to all of our product offerings, including our frac components.

Examples of Cactus product choices include:

  • Cactus’ SafeDrill™ wellhead technology, which are fitted with several enhancements for greater safety, built with a multi-bowl design
  • Tubing heads and casing heads
  • Standard wellhead systems, designed and built to API Spec 6A regulations
  • Frac valves and gate valves
  • Goatheads
  • Chokes
  • Tees
  • Crosses
  • Secondary seals

There’s no doubt that our SafeDrill™ is a groundbreaking product offering. It comes with several safety features like a compact design that allows for safer handling during operations. And during pad drilling operations, the SafeDrill™ is compatible with offline cementing operations.

Industrial Equipment Supplier with Precisely Maintained Frac Components Ready for the Field

Keeping frac wells up and running is a challenge, as component wear is a real issue with no single solution. Cactus, though, can provide a simple, effective option for wellsites in need of frac components, even temporarily. We maintain a comprehensive array of frac components, for purchase or rent, so there’s always a Plan B in your arsenal.

A Better Backup Plan with Frac Equipment Rental

Component wear is a fact of life and ever-present challenge in the fracking industry, but Cactus has your wellsites covered. We provide a full spectrum of frac components and equipment to our clients, and every rental frac component is maintained using the same rigor we use with our new and refurbished equipment. That means you can trust Cactus frac components, no matter where they come from.

Cactus has a full set of frac components available for rent, including:

  • Frac valves
  • Frac heads
  • Frac stacks
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Goatheads
  • Frac seats

We take special pride in our zipper manifolds, which are custom designed and built to minimize the system’s footprint at the well. Every zipper manifold can be configured in one of several arrangements, including configurations that minimize erosion or allow for flow control to several wells. Cactus can design zipper manifolds to this degree using computation fluid dynamics, a form of modeling that allows Cactus to forecast the effects of sand and frac slurry, and how to counter them.

Energy Equipment and Solutions with Responsive, Expert Service

Prompt, attentive service is critical to keeping downtime down and uptime up. Cactus knows that oil and gas companies expect nothing less, which is why we have a network of support facilities located all over the country. With a presence near every major U.S. shale basin, Cactus can respond to all service requests in rapid fashion.

Service Solutions that Keep Wellsite Operations Going

Every wellsite eventually needs reinforcements, especially during fracking operations, where component wear is a significant concern. When it’s time to call in support, Cactus should be the name that comes to mind. Our support teams are available all over the U.S. and are organized to provide the most responsive, accurate service possible.

It’s part of our core mission to deliver high quality, rapid service, but how can Cactus guarantee that?

  • By observing all API Spec 6A and ISO 9001 quality standards for facility and product design
  • By fully documenting and establishing demanding quality management measures for maintenance, inventorying and assembly processes
  • By subjecting all components to extensive testing before field use
  • By building strong communication between QA and health and safety teams
  • By providing clients with detailed reports of their new or refurbished equipment and with customer satisfaction surveys that ensure we keep improving

Support is not a luxury, but a necessity. Make sure you have a service provider that you can trust to deliver on time and without shortcuts.

Oilfield Component Manufacturing that Also Innovates

Manufacturing is a major part of Cactus’ mission, as it allows us to deliver quality, safe products to our clients. We accomplish this mission with a manufacturing core that leads the industry. Our facilities leverage industry innovations and demanding quality assurance standards to get the most out of every production run.

Manufacturing with a Focus on Precision and Speed

Manufacturing is a core part of Cactus’ operations, and we have invested accordingly into it. Our facilities are designed and organized to work with each other, which allows Cactus to ramp up production quickly and without loss of product quality or delivery speed. Cactus also guarantees product quality by establishing essential management and QA measures at every center.

Specifically, this is how Cactus manufacturing stands out among our peers:

  • Advanced manufacturing centers with 5-axis machining capabilities
  • Experienced machinists trained on our proprietary manufacturing methods
  • A major, high speed manufacturing facility designed to support our other manufacturing efforts
  • Frequent, random auditing of our facilities to ensure their continued performance
  • Complete dimensional testing of all manufactured components
  • An extensive raw material stockpile and complete ownership over our own supply chain
  • All manufacturing facilities are governed using Q1/ISO 9001:2015 guidelines

It’s impossible to get quality, reliable products without quality manufacturing measures outputting them. Cactus knows every one of its products are representatives of the Cactus name, so we don’t compromise with our manufacturing standards.

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