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May 2, 2024, 9AM Central


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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Supporting New Mexico Operations

Cactus Wellhead is known in the New Mexico Permian Basin and throughout the U.S. as a name that oil and gas companies can trust. We’ve established this trust over many years of quality equipment design and manufacturing, as well as unbeatable customer service. We respond to our client’s equipment and service needs precisely and quickly.

Wellhead Systems for Added Efficiency and Safety in Hobbs, NM

Cactus Wellhead’s mission is to be the best the industry has to offer, and that means providing our clients with quality, safe and efficient equipment, as well as responsive, knowledgeable service. Cactus accomplishes the former by investing heavily into product design, engineering and manufacturing, and it’s an investment that has paid dividends. The Cactus name is trusted among oil and gas companies because our products are proven.

Some of those proven products include:

  • Our SafeDrill™ Wellhead System is an innovative piece of equipment built with a multi-bowl, single piece product design
  • Conventional wellhead systems designed to API Spec 6A guidelines
  • Gate and Frac valves
  • Casing and tubing heads
  • Crosses and tees
  • Chokes
  • Secondary Seals
  • Goatheads

Cactus’ SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems are the most impressive example of our engineering prowess, but we have also designed a complete line of standard wellhead equipment. Cactus Wellhead’s conventional wellhead systems are suitable for HP/HT critical service and can handle extreme pressures and temperatures, both of which are ever-present in oil and gas extraction.

Industrial Equipment Supplier with a Full Stockpile of Rental Frac Components

Fracking is a punishing process, even on the toughest iron. Eventually, a valve or head will give in, and that has the potential to halt operations. That’s a scenario no oil and gas company can afford to end up in. Fortunately, Cactus keeps a comprehensive set of fracking parts at facilities located around the country, so there’s always a replacement part nearby.

Quality Frac Equipment Rentals for Better Safety

When fracking, oil and gas companies must be prepared for components to wear out, and when they do, a prompt replacement is required. Cactus has perfected its supply chain, ensuring we always have a product solution for our clients, whether those products are sold or rented out.

Cactus takes pride in the frac components it offers to clients. For example, Cactus zipper manifolds are built with several features. Each one is designed by Cactus and are available in several configurations, allowing for maximum erosion and flow control when multiple wells are being managed. Cactus Wellhead’s zipper manifolds are matched to wellbore characteristics, including frac line size and well velocity. We also assemble our zipper manifolds at our remote facilities, cutting installation time in the field significantly. Finally, our zipper manifolds are designed using modeling based on computation fluid dynamics. This allows us to create a manifold that is engineered for maximum safety and performance.

In addition to zipper manifolds, Cactus can provide the following rental equipment:

  • Frac valves
  • Frac seats
  • Frac stacks
  • Frac heads
  • Goatheads

Energy Equipment and Solutions Provided by Knowledgeable Technicians in New Mexico and Beyond

Technology makes wellhead operations possible, but responsive support ensures those operations keep running smoothly. Cactus protects oil and gas extraction operations with facilities spread out all over the country. Every facility is staffed by insightful, skilled technical personnel, ready to help.

Best in the Business Service, Support and Insight

Cactus Wellhead’s team is spread out all over the U.S., as we operate close to every major U.S. shale basin. At these facilities, our expert technicians and support teams maintain, inspect, test, assemble and provide an assortment of wellhead and fracking iron. Think of these facilities like a single staging point for your oil and gas extraction operations, ready to maximize your production and minimize your well’s downtime.

Responsive, expert support is essential in managing the challenging conditions that come with an oil and gas well. How does Cactus deliver this level of support?

  • By establishing and organizing repair processes so our technicians don’t miss a thing
  • By integrating ISO 9001 and API Spec 6A guidelines into our quality assurance and management layers. Our quality management system has been fully documented for use by our branch operatives
  • By testing every component before it is relied on in the field
  • By strengthening communication between critical teams, like our health and safety and QA teams
  • By giving our clients detailed reports for their refurbished and new equipment

When challenges arise during extraction, Cactus Wellhead’s support teams and facilities are there to meet them.

Oilfield Products Built with Precision

In addition to product design and engineering, Cactus manufactures its wellhead and fracking components. Our clients demand the best and so do we, which is why Cactus has worked to create some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry. With this strong infrastructure in place, Cactus can deliver products reliably, accurately and quickly.

A Commitment to Accurate, Quality Manufacturing

Everything Cactus does is in accordance with the most exacting quality and safety standards. It’s no different with our manufacturing facilities, which pair the most advanced machining technology with the most skilled machinists available. This allows Cactus to produce and deliver products with a level of speed and precision that few others can match.

What does Cactus Wellhead manufacturing look like? It looks like this:

  • Modern 5-axis machining capabilities, guided by knowledgeable and experienced machinists
  • A high volume manufacturing facility dedicated to producing API 6A wellhead and valve components
  • Complete dimensional inspections on all manufactured components
  • Manufacturing facilities that meet and exceed Q1/ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • Ownership over our own supply chain, allowing for larger scale production
  • Regular audits, both scheduled and random, that target potential areas of improvement
  • Deep material inventory located onsite and available for immediate use
  • Just-in-time and even faster delivery response
  • Tight communication between operations management and engineering teams

With decades of experience serving the oil and gas industry, Cactus’ personnel and experts are ready to design and develop components for your oil and gas operations.

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