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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Providing Safe and Efficient Wellhead Systems

Cactus Wellhead focuses on producing the most efficient and safest wellhead and fracking equipment and has earned us a strong reputation. Oil and gas companies know they can rely on Cactus for all of their equipment and service needs because we control every step of the development and manufacturing process.

Wellhead Components Designed for Optimal Safety in Donora

Cactus’ product engineering and manufacturing observes the most stringent quality standards in the industry. And because we own our own supply chain and raw material, we can maintain those exacting quality standards without giving away speed, efficiency or safety. It’s another reason why our clients stick with us once they have experienced the Cactus advantage firsthand.

We have an extensive catalogue of products, some of which include:

  • Cactus’ own SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, designed for extremely safe and reliable operation
  • Frac valves and gate valves
  • Standard wellhead systems produced using API Spec 6A regulations
  • Tubing heads and casing heads
  • Chokes
  • Secondary seals
  • Crosses and tees
  • Goatheads

Though Cactus is best known for the SafeDrill™, it’s not the only wellhead systems we build and offer to clients. Our conventional wellhead systems are plenty robust and capable, and are ideal for HP/HT critical service, as they can be sealed with elastomer or metal-to-metal seals. Each system comes with detailed, documented running procedures, which help with correct installation in the field.

Industrial Equipment Supplier Providing an Array of Fracking Components

Cactus knows that wellsite operations are often one equipment failure away from experiencing significant downtime. This is the scenario we strive to help our clients avoid, by providing a wealth of replacement fracking components, for purchase or rental. In either case, Cactus can deliver the needed components quickly and accurately.

Replacement Frac Components Available for Rent

There’s nothing worse than interrupted production, which is why you need someone on your side when equipment wear results in halted operations. Cactus is that expert for many oil and gas companies, as our frac components are built and maintained using stringent quality standards.

We produce and offer a full line of fracking equipment, including:

  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac heads
  • Frac valves
  • Goatheads
  • Frac seats
  • Frac stacks

Cactus also offers a full line of other frac rentals, including portable greasing units, torque and test units, safety frac stands, flowback equipment and hydraulic closing units, among other equipment. In addition, Cactus can provide a fleet of our own crane trucks, each capable of lifting and placing up to 26,400 pounds’ worth of equipment. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you, and ensure that all equipment is installed and configured properly for efficient operation.

Energy Equipment and Solutions From Dedicated Support Teams Close to Your Operations

Cactus’ support and service is just as respected as our product development and manufacturing. That’s because our support teams are the most knowledgeable in the business, and because our service facilities are located all over the country. Cactus is never far away from your wellsite, no matter what basin it’s active in.

Responsive, Expert Support for Uninterrupted Well Productivity

Technology is important, support is critical. That’s why Cactus invests heavily in both. Our service facilities are located all over the U.S., close to every major active basin. This strategic placement means we can quickly assist with our client’s equipment needs. It also affords a second advantage, as our service teams have extensive knowledge of local operating conditions, so they can recommend an equipment package optimized for the local basin.

That’s not all, though, as our industry-best support also includes:

  • Fully-documented procedures for faster maintenance, assembly and installation
  • Every facility is managed by experts with extensive industry experience
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and ratings, to let us know where we can improve
  • All branch operations observe API Q1/Q2 compliance
  • Supplier validation process, with qualifications and samples
  • Full product tracking and traceability
  • Random and scheduled audits to target potential areas of improvement

Cactus stakes its spotless reputation on the quality of our client service, so we only bring in the most talented and trustworthy people to deliver it.

Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Built to Tough Quality Standards

Cactus Wellhead’s products have the industry’s respect, and the manufacturing standards that produce them are also worthy of attention. We build our products in the most advanced facilities in the field, and according to the most strict quality standards available. It’s a lot of work to produce equipment in this way, but the result is well worth it.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities and Talented Machinists

Cactus’ manufacturing capabilities are impressive, and it’s made all the more impressive by the level of control we have over the process. Where some manufacturers are limited by their supply chain or their machining capabilities, Cactus has no such limitations. We can produce a full array of wellhead and fracking components in facilities designed for maximum output, accuracy and safety.

What ensures Cactus’ manufacturing is a cut above the rest of the industry?

  • Five-axis machining capabilities handled by experienced machinists
  • A high volume facility that supports our other facilities, ensuring our products are delivered quickly and accurately
  • Documented quality management procedures that adhere to Q1/ISO 9001:2015 guidelines
  • Supply chain ownership and a deep raw material stockpile for scalable production
  • Rapid delivery times, allowing for just-in-time ordering, and even faster responses
  • Full dimensional testing of all produced components

Cactus Wellhead manufacturing follows the same mission that the rest of our operations do. We aim for optimal safety, reliability and quality.

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