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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Assisting Oilfield Operations with Safe Solutions

Cactus has built an enviable reputation in the oil and gas industry for several reasons, and our top flight wellhead and fracking products is one of the strongest. Our products are manufactured to rigorous standards, and we never compromise on those. That’s why you can count on our wellhead technology.

Wellhead Systems Built for Efficiency and Safety – Available in Broussard

Cactus produces a huge variety of wellhead and fracking equipment, so we have a solution for every client’s iron needs. We design, engineer and build everything in-house, using our own design and engineering teams, and our own advanced manufacturing facilities. That means we have total control over what we make and when we make it. That’s a major advantage we offer to our clients, as it maximizes our ability to respond quickly and with a tailored product solution.

Following are several of our most popular wellhead and fracking products:

  • Our SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, a Cactus-only product is built with a single piece, multi-bowl design
  • Conventional wellhead systems built to API Spec 6A standards
  • Gate and frac valves
  • Tubing and casing heads
  • Tees, crosses and seals
  • Goatheads
  • Chokes

Cactus’ top product is undoubtedly our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems. Like the name suggests, the SafeDrill™ is about optimizing safety. For example, each one is built with a compact profile design for safer handling, and mandrel casing hangers with positive lock down. That’s just two of several safety features that come standard with the SafeDrill™.

Industrial Equipment Supplier with Full Line of Fracking Components

There’s nothing gentle about fracking, so your iron is eventually going to require maintenance or replacement. Cactus is here when new or refurbished frac components are needed. With quick component delivery, there’s no need for your wellsite to come to a halt.

Quick Frac Component Replacement or Rental for Uninterrupted Production

Rental frac components are a viable and cost-effective safety net when your iron sustains a bit too much wear. Cactus stocks a deep collection of frac equipment, including replacements for the components that sustain the most wear, like frac valves and heads. Our frac equipment is maintained and monitored to the same uncompromising degree that we use with our wellhead systems, so every frac component we rent out is guaranteed to be in top shape and ready for the field.

Some of the frac equipment that Cactus offers for purchase or rent includes:

  • Frac heads
  • Frac valves
  • Frac seats
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac stacks
  • Goatheads

Cactus Wellhead’s frac valves are engineered for superior productivity and minimal downtime. For instance, each one of our frac valves comes with an enhanced gate design, which minimizes sand collection while in operation. Every frac valve is also built with a dual seat seal design and redundant stem packing.

Energy Equipment and Solutions Backed by a Support Team that is Second to None

Every wellsite needs reliable support to ensure it keeps producing, and Cactus offers this support to each of our clients. Our branch facilities make it all possible, and each one is conveniently located near a major U.S. shale basin. With such close proximity to field operations, our service teams can provide valuable insight into local working conditions.

Fracking Oilfield Services You Can Trust

We take great pride in our support capabilities, for several reasons. For one, Cactus facilities are all located close to major U.S. shale basins, which means our service teams are operating near your wellsites. Our service personnel know what to expect in the field and can tailor your service so that your equipment is ready for those working conditions.

But that’s only the start with Cactus. Our support facilities are the best of the best, for reasons including:

  • Adherence to API Q1/Q2 compliance standards, using fully-documented procedures
  • Full product traceability and tracking
  • Customized reports provided to clients for new, refurbished or repaired equipment
  • Support capabilities for every stage of well production
  • Random and scheduled auditing to ensure internal compliance of all quality standards
  • Tightly organized procedures to ensure rapid product maintenance and assembly

Oilfield & Gas Field Operations and Equipment Manufacturing that Takes no Shortcuts

Leading-edge manufacturing is another one of Cactus Wellhead’s strengths, and another reason why oil and gas companies frequently look to us for a product solution. Cactus manufacturing involves the most advanced machining and quality management processes, ensuring that every product that leaves our doors is worthy of carrying the Cactus name.

Industry Best Manufacturing of Wellhead and Pressure Control Equipment

Cactus focuses on quality, and it is apparent with our manufacturing processes, which utilize advanced machining and extensive quality management to create industry-leading products. We build all of our products at our own facilities, using our own supply chain and with our own raw materials. This level of freedom is rare in the industry and allows us maximum flexibility in handling client requests.

In addition, Cactus’ manufacturing is notable for the following reasons:

  • We operate several advanced facilities that make use of five-axis machining processes to create intricately-designed components
  • We also run a high-volume facility that is designed for maximum output and rapid product delivery
  • All Cactus facilities comply with Q1/ISO 9001:2015 standards, and our products conform to API 6A standards
  • Total supply chain ownership with a deep raw material stockpile, allowing us to ramp up production when needed
  • Fast delivery times for just-in-time ordering
  • A combination of large company manufacturing capabilities and small company flexibility and agility

Cactus Wellhead’s approach to manufacturing ensures a product that can be trusted to get the job done, and with optimal efficiency and safety.

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