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Oil Field Equipment Supplier for Every Extraction Campaign

Cactus Wellhead can do it all for oil and gas companies, from providing innovative wellhead technology to maintaining and monitoring fracking equipment for our clients. Given the intense demands placed on iron and personnel in the industry, Cactus strives to keep things running smoothly at every well.


Wellhead Technology Designer and Manufacturer

Cactus has one of the deepest product catalogues in the industry, which includes some of the most sophisticated wellhead systems available to oil and gas companies. Some of our products include:

  • SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems, designed with a single piece, multi-bowl build.
  • Conventional wellhead systems, designed to API 6A standards.
  • Casing and tubing heads, adapters and hangers.
  • Frac valves.
  • Gate valves.
  • Fittings, crosses and tees.
  • Goatheads.
  • Secondary seals.
  • Chokes.

We are excited to offer our SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, which comes with a quick disconnect feature for quick BOP nipple up and down, a lock ring design that removes external lock screws and various safety concerns, and a compact design that allows for safe handling during drilling.


Industrial Equipment Supplier with Everything Needed for Fracking Operations

Beyond our wellhead and flow control product offerings, we can provide a full set of fracking components and iron, for purchase or for rental. Cactus maintains its rental equipment with the same attention to detail that all of our other products receive. Everything that goes out the door has been tested and maintained, adhering to the best standards.


Rent or Purchase High Quality Frac Equipment for Your Operating Needs

Cactus knows that its clients are always trying to hit a moving target. With the unpredictable nature of the industry, as well as tightening budgets, Cactus can meet our clients’ equipment needs, no matter the setting or priority. That’s why we provide equipment for rental or for sale, including high-quality frac technology and components for well completion.

Cactus maintains all of its frac equipment using our Fracwatch system. Fracwatch is a multi-stage monitoring process that ensures every component is sent in for maintenance as soon as it needs it. This means extensive testing, monitoring and maintenance infrastructure, and Cactus has invested in each.

We provide a full complement of frac rental technology, including:

  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac valves
  • Frac seats, heads and stack
  • Goatheads

This is just the essentials. Cactus can also provide plenty of other frac equipment, including crane trucks that can handle more than 26,000 pounds of iron. We also provide a great deal of ancillary fracking equipment, including torque and test units, portable greasing units, hydraulic closing units, flowback equipment and safety frac stands.  


Energy Equipment and Solutions – Service Teams Ready to Maintain and Test Your Technology

The iron is important, but it’s only as effective as the support crew maintaining it. This is why Cactus has also invested heavily into its support teams, and we have the best in the business. Our service personnel are located at facilities close to every major operating basin, and they are on call and ready to assist with your equipment needs.


Fracking and Wellhead Support in Fruita

All of Cactus’ wellhead and fracking equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured in house, so we can easily handle maintenance, assembly, testing or installation. Cactus has built a strong reputation in the industry, and our clients know that they can rely on our experts.

Specifically, that means:

  • Ensuring every product that comes through our facilities is extensively tested and ready for field operations.
  • Subjecting all of our products to the industry’s most rigorous quality standards, including ISO 9001 and API Spec 6A.
  • Matching our clients’ needs to equipment designed perfectly for the task, also considering local operating conditions before selecting a product.

Because Cactus operates service and support facilities around the U.S. and close to every major basin, our clients can rest assured that we can service and replace equipment as needed.


Oilfield Equipment Built to Precise Standards

There is no fast path to quality, which is why Cactus prioritizes safety, flexibility and efficiency in our product designs. This means putting extensive quality control standards in place, beyond what the industry demands. And it means tight communication between Cactus and our clients, and between our internal teams. It’s a process we have mastered.


Smart, Efficient Technology for Wellhead and Flow Control Operations

Manufacturing is a major part of Cactus Wellhead’s operations, and we have the quality assurance processes to prove it. Our manufacturing facilities and processes are designed for optimal safety, throughput and reliability, and it’s another reason why oil and gas companies have come to rely on Cactus.

This is some of what Cactus can promise our clients:

  • A fully-documented quality management system that incorporates API Spec 6A and Q1/ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • Customer satisfaction survey after every completed project.
  • Extensive supplier process validation with both qualifications and samples.
  • Both scheduled and random audits to ensure continued process improvement.
  • Rapid response to a client’s changing requirements.
  • Excellent coordination and communication between QA/QC and HSE teams, ensuring reduced risk.
  • Full product tracking and monitoring.
  • Complete supply chain ownership for improved large scale production.
  • Deep raw material stockpile located onsite.

Cactus Wellhead can manage all of this while ensuring every component is rapidly tested and delivered to our clients.

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