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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Providing Safe Wellhead Systems in Colorado

Cactus Wellhead has a sterling reputation among oil and gas companies working in Colorado, and in the U.S. at large. That’s because we can supply a comprehensive array of wellhead systems and fracking technologies, both for purchase and for rent. And our reputation is built on unmatched customer support and quality assurance processes.


Wellhead Technology Engineering and Manufacturing

Cactus has wellhead and fracking components for nearly every operation, and we develop our products for the working conditions they are likely to face. This is possible in part because Cactus Wellhead maintains several service and support facilities around the country, and in close proximity to every major U.S. basin. As such, Cactus knows what conditions a client is likely to face, and our products are designed to meet those challenges head on.

Cactus’ impressive product catalogue includes:

  • The SafeDrill™ Wellhead System, a multi-bowl, single piece product that represents the pinnacle of Cactus’ engineering and manufacturing.
  • Standard wellhead systems, adhering to API 6A specifications.
  • Frac valves.
  • Tubing and casing heads.
  • Tees and crosses.
  • Chokes.
  • Goatheads.
  • Gate valves.
  • Secondary seals.

Although our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems represent the best of Cactus Wellhead’s design and engineering, it’s not the only thing we build well. Our frac valves are also worth attention, as they are built with an improved gate design that keeps sand collection at a minimum during operation. Cactus frac valves also come with dual body flush ports and dual seat seal design, as well as redundant stem packing and low torque, ball screw operation.


Industrial Equipment Supplier Providing Frac Components for Purchase or Rental

Cactus Wellhead also supports fracking operations, and our support facilities maintain a robust inventory of frac components and systems. Our frac component inventory includes the essentials, like frac valves and zipper manifolds, and ancillary equipment like crane trucks and hydraulic units. Every component is monitored and maintained using our one-of-a-kind Fracwatch system.


Frac Equipment for Every Stage of the Extraction Process

Fracking operations are some of the most demanding in the oil and gas industry, so you need iron you can trust. With decades of experience supporting oil and gas extraction operations, Cactus has developed one of the most extensive frac component stockpiles in the industry, and has a sophisticated monitoring system backing it. Dubbed Fracwatch, it allows Cactus’ expert technicians to quickly identify which components need maintenance and which components are ready for the field. With Fracwatch, Cactus can ensure shorter turnaround times and send heavily worn components in for extensive repair when the need arises.

Cactus’ frac rental options include:

  • Frac valves
  • Frac seats
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac stack
  • Frac heads
  • Goatheads

In addition to the above, Cactus can provide clients with secondary fracking components, like portable greasing units, safety frac stands, flowback equipment and even our own Cactus Crane trucks, with lift and placement capabilities up to 26,400 pounds.


Energy Equipment and Solutions – Expert Technicians Prepared to Support Your Operations

Cactus knows that iron is important, but people are critical. Every oil and gas extraction campaign needs responsive and knowledgeable support, and Cactus is here to provide it. Our support teams work out of our strategically-placed facilities, each one placed close to a major U.S. basin. That means you won’t need to go far to take advantage of Cactus Wellhead’s expertise.


Knowledgeable, Dependable Fracking Support and Service

Cactus has extensive experience with every stage of oil and gas well production, from designing the equipment that will operate at the well, to installing it onsite, and everything in between. That takes a skilled, reliable team, which is why Cactus has invested in its people. Our support facilities function like one-stop shops, with everything your well operations need for maximum productivity and safety.

Wellhead and fracking equipment is put under intense strain each day, so frequent maintenance and testing is essential to protecting worker safety and well productivity. How does Cactus support this mission?

  • Observing Q1/ISO 9001:2015 and API Spec 6A standards. Cactus has implanted a comprehensively documented quality management system that utilizes both.
  • Testing every product thoroughly to verify its reliability and longevity.
  • Maintaining tight communication between quality assurance and health & safety teams.
  • Providing clients with detailed and customized reports for their new and refurbished equipment.
  • Formalizing repair procedures so Cactus Wellhead’s technicians can verify every component that leaves the facility.

Our support facilities are home base for product assembly, testing, maintenance, monitoring and inventorying, and every one adheres to Cactus’ rigorous quality and safety standards.


Oilfield Technology Manufacturing for Colorado Operations

Manufacturing is a crucial element of Cactus Wellhead’s mission, and all of our manufacturing facilities are subjected to the most comprehensive quality assurance standards in the industry. That quality assurance is paired with advanced manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum output and flexibility.


Safe, Efficient Manufacturing for Wellhead and Frac Applications

Cactus Wellhead’s manufacturing facilities are excellent examples of modern and safe building practices. Our 5-axis manufacturing centers are some of the most advanced in the industry, and all of our manufacturing equipment is operated and monitored by expert machinists. Cactus stands alone with its machine and machinist capabilities, and this allows us to optimize safety, accuracy, reliability and delivery speed.

Cactus takes its manufacturing processes seriously, and they include:

  • The ability to respond to a client’s changing requirements, quickly and accurately.
  • Comprehensive product monitoring and tracking.
  • An established quality management system that observes ISO 9001 and API Spec 6A standards.
  • Full supplier process validation, with qualifications and required samples.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys made available after every completed project.
  • Regular auditing, both random and scheduled, for continued process improvement.
  • Total supply chain ownership for reliable large scale production.
  • Established processes for improving communication between Cactus and our clients, and between Cactus Wellhead’s teams.

In short, everything Cactus Wellhead makes has been thoroughly examined and tested before it ever makes it out into the field.

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