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May 2, 2024, 9AM Central


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Oil Field Equipment Supplier Supporting Safe Wellhead and Frac Operations

Cactus Wellhead has built a reputation of prompt customer service and innovative product design and manufacturing. We service Casper, WY with a leadership team that has decades of experience in the industry. We can provide a wealth of wellhead and frac equipment, as well as the knowledge and expertise to ensure that equipment is implemented properly and safely.


Wellhead Equipment Supplier in Casper

Cactus designs and manufactures its wellhead systems and frac equipment, and we have a deep product catalogue to choose from. Some of our product offerings include:

  • Our SafeDrill™ Wellhead Systems, which are built with a multi-bowl, single piece design
  • Standard API 6A wellhead systems
  • Frac and gate valves
  • Studded fittings
  • Tees and crosses
  • Casing and tubing heads
  • Spools, hangers and adapters
  • Goatheads
  • Chokes and secondary seals

Although the SafeDrill™ is Cactus’ primary line of product offerings, we also design and build a comprehensive collection of conventional wellhead systems. Our conventional wellhead products can operate in pressures ranging from 2,000 psi to 15,000 psi, and at temperatures from -75 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. We tailor our equipment options to the surrounding operating conditions, so we always have ideal solutions for our clients.


Industrial Equipment Supplier Engineering Superior Fracking Equipment

Cactus offers a full range of wellhead equipment and services, and among those services is frac equipment rental. Fracking is a challenging process and places a great deal of wear and strain on the iron. That’s why Cactus also offers excellent maintenance and repair services, to ensure our client’s fracking operations experience minimal downtime.


Frac Rental Equipment for Wyoming Operations

A lot goes into every fracking operation, and Cactus can be your company’s single stop for frac equipment. We offer a full complement of frac technology for rental and we utilize

crane trucks that can handle up to 26,400 pounds of cargo, so Cactus can deliver your rental equipment to your well sites. But we don’t just provide the equipment. Using our Fracwatch management system, we keep a close eye on every piece of frac equipment and respond as soon as the iron needs maintenance. If any of our equipment becomes extensively worn, it is sent to our manufacturing plant in Louisiana for additional restoration. It’s one more way that Cactus Wellhead guarantees the best frac equipment in the country.

Some of the frac equipment that Cactus provides includes:

  • Frac valves
  • Zipper manifolds
  • Frac seats
  • Frac heads
  • Frac stack
  • Goatheads

Our zipper manifolds are fully assembled and tested at our facilities, ensuring they take little time to install in the field. Every manifold is designed using computation fluid dynamics, which allow Cactus to model the manifold’s ability to shrug off sand and slurry erosion. Using this engineering method, Cactus has developed manifold valves for optimal performance and sealing.


Energy Equipment and Solutions – Support and Service for All of Your Wells

Technology is just one part of the puzzle. Without responsive support services backing that iron up, its days are numbered. That’s why Cactus has established support facilities in close proximity to every major U.S. basin. Our support teams will maintain, repair, inspect, test, assemble and install equipment.


Unmatched Wellhead and Fracking Services in Casper

What does Cactus mean when we say that we prioritize support and client services? It means several things, including:

  • Helping our clients locate and implement the right equipment for current operating conditions.
  • Run every product through our meticulously developed quality assurance processes.
  • Test every product extensively, aiming for improved safety.
  • Provide an unbeatable combination of large company capability and small company agility and flexibility.

Every one of our wellhead assembly and frac rental products are designed, engineered, built, assembled and tested at our strategically located facilities. From here, Cactus can rapidly deploy this equipment into the field, getting our client’s iron to their wells in record time.

This is made possible by our expertise in managing various operating conditions. Our support teams are deeply familiar with the basins they work in and close to, which means they can maximize safety and product longevity during installation and product maintenance.


Oilfield Technology Designed and Manufactured by our Skilled Personnel

Cactus Wellhead engineers and manufactures all of our products to the most rigorous standards in the industry. Specifically, this means utilizing API Spec 6A and Q1/ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. This level of scrutiny is applied to every piece of iron that Cactus handles, from our flagship SafeDrill™ systems to all of our frac rental components.


Innovative, Quality Wellhead and Pressure Control Products

Cactus doesn’t take any shortcuts when designing and manufacturing our equipment. With  

decades of experience among our leadership team, we have put extensive work into building out our manufacturing facilities, and ensuring they are controlled with superior quality assurance processes. This is just a short list of what Cactus Wellhead manufacturing looks like:

  • Manufacturing processes conforming to API 6A and Q1/ISO 9001 standards.
  • Cactus can quickly respond to any request to change equipment requirements.
  • Strong coordination between engineering and operations teams.
  • The most modern manufacturing facilities in the industry, allowing for unbeatable throughput rates.
  • Total ownership of our supply chain, making large scale production possible.
  • Extensive product tracking and monitoring, enhancing quality assurance further.
  • A raw material stockpile located onsite and ready for use.

All of Cactus’ products and components undergo full dimensional inspections before implementation in the field, so their quality is guaranteed. And these products can be delivered as rapidly as our clients need them, with just-in-time and shorter delivery options.  

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